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Why go the biogas way?

There are many aspects to consider when a biogas plant is up for discussion: the considerable investment in the construction of the plant, the need for a continuous supply of biomass, an appropriate grid to take the gas and/or electricity produced, skilled staff to secure production - to name a few. Aspects which Bigadan takes care of.

The treatment of slurry from waste water plants and waste from especially the food industry makes biogas plants attractive to companies and institutions with a greener profile in mind. It is not only a matter of securing an energy supply for the production facilities or citizens, it is also about minimising the environmental impact from industrial waste and thereby improving the image of the company giving it an CSR-profile.

- because it makes sense

Having worked with biogas for more than three decades, we have accumulated a great amount of knowledge of and interest in this industry. However, there are other reasons besides building plants around the world, servicing our customers and developing the industry why we have gone the biogas way.

Bigadan does it because we through quick and standardized solutions ensure it is advantageous and profitable for our customers to go the same way. Because it is possible to produce green energy from organic waste and slurry and improve its quality resulting in numerous advantages for farmers when spreading it on their fields.

Most importantly, we do it to utilize industrial waste better and because an alternative to fossil fuels is needed. We do it to take part in improving the conditions for the environment and future generations.

It just makes sense!