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About Bigadan


With more than 30 years of international experience within the biogas industry and as owner and operator of several plants, Bigadan has an extensive knowledge of how to solve our clients' challenges the best way possible.

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Selected cases

Bigadan has been involved in more than 40 large scale biogas plants worldwide - read about some of them, see pictures and find out what our clients say about cooperating with us.

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The Bigadan way

Since the 1980s we have devel- oped and optimized the Bigadan way of building co- digestion plants - a standar- dized design ensuring low plant costs, short construction period and optimum expansion possibilities.

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A reliable partner


Bigadan is a flexible and reliable partner from idea to turnkey and daily operation. Find out how we can help you with construction, operation and technical equipment for co-digestion biogas plants.

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