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in circular energy

For more than 40 years, we’ve derived green energy from organic waste streams – advancing the future of circular energy.

Employees on biogas plant

We develop, construct, operate and own end-to-end biogas systems. We work across every step — from biomass sourcing and waste management to the delivery of biogas, biogenic CO2 and nutrient-rich biofertiliser

The Bigadan way

Based on an entrepreneurial approach, we design and operate modular biogas systems tailormade for the task at hand. Through our experience in working with waste streams from agriculture, metropolitan areas and industry, we create entire eco-systems and maximize the green value derived from organic waste.

Vast experience

Through our 40+ years of operations, we’ve developed a unique design that is highly cost-efficient and scalable.

International operations

We operate with a global scope while keeping a locally anchored focus to promote circular energy.

Long term partnerships

We focus on creating long term value for operating partners, producers of organic waste and energy consumers.

We craft biogas ecosystems around your waste


We will handle the sourcing of biomass — or help you incorporate your biomass into circular systems. We operate within three main areas:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Industrial
  3. Households

Our main operating areas

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Science has to meet practice

For more than four decades, we’ve refined our modular approach to Biogas technology. Now, both our plants and the entire biogas process are proven by science and practice by a multitude of clients — worldwide. That’s your guarantee for a modern, solid and profitable solution.

The many advantages of biogas for climate, companies and people.

A green and renewable energy source

Biogas is a green energy source that comes in both the form of electricity and heat for the local grid. It’s not only circular in nature, but also emits less greenhouse gasses; CO2, methane and nitrous oxide.

Impacts both bottom lines

Biogas is created from an environmentally friendly recirculation of organic compounds sourced from both industry, agriculture and households. Recirculation of biomasses makes sense not only for our climate, but also for business — simply because waste is turned into a valuable asset.

Recirculating nutrients

The fertiliser derived from biogas production contains considerably less odour inconveniences — all while increasing field yields and protecting subsoil water and drinking water contamination due to improved nitrogen exploitation.

“We believe in strong, long-lasting partnerships. Over the years, we’ve grown organically, while never compromising on stability or quality. That’s an approach we’ll continue to follow”

Karsten Buchhave
Founder, Bigadan

We’re making the green transition profitable

Our vision

We believe that the future of circular energy is powered by biogas — because of its ability to improve business and the climate alike. We’re here to turn green commitments into profitable realities.

Join us in creating the future of circular energy

We celebrate initiative, ownership and all kinds of skillsets. Join us in developing the solutions that will take production of biogas and circular energy to a new level of efficiency.

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