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When food waste becomes refrigeration

As the first in Denmark, Bigadan produces liquid bio-CO2 by capturing, refining, and liquefying the CO2 generated during biogas production. In partnership with Nippon Gases, this liquid CO2 fuels the refrigeration units of leading retail chain, REMA 1000's, delivery trucks.

An efficient and circular system

Derived from organic materials like animal manure, deep litter, and food waste, liquid bioCO2 is not only a by-product of raw biogas production but also an environmentally-friendly innovation. By capturing CO2 from biogas production and converting it to a liquid form — known as Carbon Capture Utilization (CCU) — its storage and transportation become much more efficient. This liquid CO2 can also be used in sustainable fuels like e-diesel and e-gasoline or in greenhouses, where it aids in the photosynthesis process for vegetable production.

A Sustainable Collaboration

Bigadan and Nippon Gases have forged a lasting partnership focusing on bio-based CO2, with Nippon Gases harnessing the green CO2 produced at Bigadan. Investing in the cryogenic facility and realizing Carbon Capture Utilization (CCU)marks an important step in any green transition. This collaboration with Nippon Gases allows for the substitution of diesel-powered refrigerants in REMA 1000's cooling trailers.

Pioneering a Change with REMA 1000

REMA 1000 leads the way as the first grocery chain in the country to adopt alternative cooling systems for their trailers that operate without diesel. With the supply of liquid CO2, both Bigadan and Nippon Gases not only contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of numerous vehicles, but also support REMA 1000's sustainable goal of achieving as climate-efficient transportation as possible, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goal no. 9.

“Nippon gases has a strong commitment to sustainability and it’s important for us to choose partners and invest in projects that contribute to the reduction of emissions and the green shift”

Hans-Ulrik Jernert
CEO of Nippon Gases

“Liquid green CO2 is a unique climate-friendly product. Though this agreement, users of CO2 in Denmark can gain access to an environmentally friendly product”

Henrik Bie
Operational Manager, Bigadan

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