Biowaste & waste handling

For decades, we’ve developed new ways of establishing and maintaining sustainable ecosystems around sourcing and handling bio waste.

From sourcing to biogas

We will assist you in sourcing biomass — or help you incorporate your biomass into circular systems through. Along with the companies that are part of our group, we process and handle biomass from agriculture and the food industry, organic household waste industrial byproducts from various industries and manure. We convert them all into energy and organic fertilizer at high-performing biogas plants. This means you’ll have a full and trusted value chain throughout.

Processing 1 ton of food waste yields a reduction of over 1 ton of CO2. Maximum production capacity of a single plant ensures a CO2 reduction exceeding 250.000 tons

A process driven by sustainability

We see it as a given to reduce the environmental impact we make in sourcing and handling biomass. We ensure full compliance with local environmental legislation, but also set ongoing target for reducing the potential impact of our full ecosystem — e.g. through, energy, water consumption and emissions.

Bigadan rests on a business principle of production of fossil-free energy, biogas, and nutrients for agricultural plantproduction This includes a commitment to use raw materials in our biogas plants, that are waste. Moreover, we operate with a principle of ensuring the shortest possible distance whenever we transport biomass or biogas — all in order to minimise our climate footprint. 

Biomass and biowaste should be handled responsibly

Sustainable Sourcing

We are strictly committed to sourcing organic waste, ensuring a positive impact on our environment.

Local Procurement

Our biomass primarily comprises animal manure and organic waste from feed and food processing — and nearby industrial byproducts.

Responsible Practices

We steer clear of raw materials in biogas plants that could have been used as feed or food, ensuring ethical energy production.

Optimized Logistics

In cases of long-distance biomass procurement, our focus is on streamlining logistics to minimize the climate footprint from transportation.

Kalundborg Bioenergy

Turning insulin waste into energy

In co-operation with Ørsted, Bigadan has established a full-scale biogas plant that we now operate. The plant handles waste products from the insulin and enzyme production at Novo Nordisk and Novozymes.

Inside Novo Nordisk factory
Meet Bioman

A dedicated company for a dedicated task

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Bioman, a support system to our facilities,  receives, processes, and handles organic industrial by-products to produce sustainable biogas energy. As part of Bigadan, they manage the transportation of these organic resources to our biogas plants.

A broad range of options

“At Bioman, we believe in a future where every ounce of waste becomes a beacon of circular energy. Through innovation and dedication, we're committed to transforming organic remnants into valuable energy and plant nutrients in our trusted value chain”

Torben Ravn Pedersen
COO, Bigadan

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