Biogenic CO2

Bigadan transforms excess CO2 from biomethane production into a valuable resource, capturing and supplying it sustainably to various sectors.

Enhancing circularity

When upgrading biogas to biomethane, carbon dioxide is separated from methane. Traditionally, this CO2 was simply released into the atmosphere. There's a growing shift towards capturing and purifying this CO2 for reuse. Two primary applications exist: "Carbon Capture and Utilization" (CCU) and "Carbon Capture and Storage" (CCS). With CCS, the captured CO2 is stored underground, while CCU repurposes it for various industrial applications.

We already capture and liquefy CO2, removing impurities like sulfide and ammonia. Once pressurized, the gas becomes liquid, facilitating easier storage and transportation. This makes it usable for a long range of industries including food and beverage, electronics or in water treatment.

In the food and beverage industry, Biogenic CO2 can be used to carbonate drinks or keep products cold, while they are being transported.

Exploring new use cases: Power-to-X

We’re constantly trying to break new ground with our products. A new and intriguing application of captured CO2 is within the realm of Power-to-X processes. PtX refers to a set of technologies that convert electricity into new products, such as methane, hydrogen, and ammonia. 

In relation to biogas plants, there’s a prominent opportunity to employ CO2 in a PtX process known as methanation. In this process, hydrogen is produced using electricity, and this hydrogen is then combined with CO2 to transform it into methane — enabling it to be used as fuel, e.g. in maritime transportation.

A gas with many applications

Sustainable Alternative

Biogenic CO2 offers a renewable alternative to fossil-derived CO2, reducing the carbon footprint of industries.

Various applications

Being applicable in a long range of industries from food and beverage to consumer electronics, we’re just starting to see the potential of biogenic CO2.

Potential for innovation

From Power-to-X processes (like metanization) to the production of commodities like methanol, biogenic CO2 has wide-ranging new industrial applications.

Carbon credits

Working with biogenic CO2 makes your green contribution quantifiable through carbon dioxide certificates that can be traded and used for offsetting.

Carbon Dioxide Certificates


Our team of advisors can assist in exploring your possibilities with the realm of carbon dioxide certificates, carbon credits and offsetting. Typically, one certificate is equivalent to the offset of one metric ton of CO2. By purchasing or trading these certificates, you are effectively working on reducing your own footprint.

Horsens Bioenergy

When food waste becomes refrigeration

As the first in Denmark, Bigadan produces liquid bio-CO2 by capturing, refining, and liquefying the CO2 generated during biogas production. In partnership with Nippon Gases, this liquid CO2 fuels the refrigeration units of leading retail chain, REMA 1000's, delivery trucks.

Cryogenic gas plant

Our range of biogenic CO2 options

“The potential of capturing, storing and using CO2 in circular ways is so huge, that we see it as a given to explore it. Along with our partners, we’ll continue to push the limits for what’s possible”

Henrik Laursen
CEO, Bigadan

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