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At Bigadan, every talent contributes to greener, better and more efficient solutions within biogas and circular energy. Do you want to join in? We’re ready to get to know you.

Working at Bigadan

Since our beginning, we’ve taken care of our employees, so they can take care of business. We aim to be an ever-evolving force in the biogas sector. Our team thrives in an environment where entrepreneurial spirit is celebrated and where seizing new opportunities is part of our everyday.

Our culture is family-driven, built on respect, understanding, and the ambition to take lead in the world of biogas. We understand, that it’s no small feat. It requires the expertise and strong skillset that our team continuously brings to the table. If you're passionate, ready to embrace challenges head-on and driven by being part of a dynamic team, Bigadan is where you belong.

“I am motivated by the trusting and entrepreneurial culture, the flat structure, and of course all the different people and skill sets I encounter every day”

Christian A. Tidsmarsch
Business Developer, Bigadan

“There's a high level of professional expertise. Operating a biogas plant isn’t easy. It actually requires finesse to work with organic waste”

Erik Lundsgaard
Chief Manager East, Bigadan

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Belonging at Bigadan

We believe in a diverse community where every voice counts and everyone belongs. We want to create fair opportunities for all, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, or orientation. In every country we operate, we uphold the highest standards, ensuring our team is always compensated fairly and given opportunities to grow.

Do you have any questions?

We are always happy to answer any questions and tell you more about the opportunities within Bigadan. If you have any questions, feedback or request, please reach out to our HR team.