Bigadan Labs

Along with our clients, we innovate and research on-site and in our laboratory facilities in Denmark, so we can pave new ways for biogas.

What if we can do even better?

Our close collaboration with customers and the hands-on management of biogas plants propels us to constantly optimize biogas production. Situated at the heart of this ambition are the Bigadan Labs in Denmark.

As challenges arise from our customers and partners or even within our own plants, we harness our vast experience and couple it with the expertise of our suppliers. This synergy enables us to craft solutions where cost-efficiency aligns with improved quality, new production methods or new systems.

Being hands-on matters

At Bioman, a support system within Bigadan, they have cutting-edge laboratory and analysis equipment, allowing for a swift and flexible execution of diverse in-house analyses. This ensures greater control over the quality of our existing products and aids in refining and perfecting our innovations. One of the cornerstone analyses they regularly undertake is the digestion test for determining methane potential. 

Getting valuable insights

By conducting this crucial assessment within our own labs and test facilties, we capture valuable insights and observations about handling biomass – in essence, getting to understand what we're working with. We cross these insights with third-party evaluations to ensure full reliability. Beyond these routine analyses, our laboratory also plays a pivotal role in groundbreaking development projects. 

“From tackling challenges with new biomass to resolving technical or biochemical or biological issues in our biogas plants, we often find the solution within our own walls”

Jacob Wagner Jensen
Biomass Manager, Bigadan

Kalundborg Bioenergy

Turning insulin waste into energy

In co-operation with Ørsted, Bigadan has established a full-scale biogas plant that we now operate. The plant handles waste products from the insulin and enzyme production at Novo Nordisk and Novozymes.

Inside Novo Nordisk factory

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