Our ESG approach

Driving biogas innovation, means exploring and creating sustainable futures. Our ESG approach mirrors our commitment to planet, people, and ethical leadership.

Impact beyond biogas

At Bigadan, we prioritize reducing our environmental impact and comply with environmental laws as a cornerstone in our operations. Our management systems are designed to ensure safety, energy conservation and a lower environmental footprint. We’re committed to keep evolving and exploring the impact of these systems and procedures.

Our core mission is to produce biogas, a fossil-free energy source. We focus on continuous improvement and innovation in our processes. We utilize organic waste, primarily animal manure, and organic residues from households and industries, avoiding materials that could be used for feed. We prioritize logistics efficiency and strive  to optimize and shorten the transportation of biomasses and biogas where and when it’s possible.

ISO 14001 certification

Bigadan is targeting the ISO 14001 certification. This underlines our proactive approach to reducing our ecological footprint, ensuring that our practices not only meet but often exceed global standards. Through this commitment, we continually strive for positive environmental impact in every aspect of our operations.


Code of Conduct

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We believe in a diverse community where every voice counts and everyone belongs. We want to create fair opportunities for all, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, or orientation. 

In every country we operate, we uphold the highest standards, ensuring our team is always compensated fairly and given opportunities to grow.


Climate and Environmental

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As producers of sustainable renewable energy, we're actively engaging in an EU taxonomy assessment and developing a net zero transition plan for 2023.

Furthermore, our environmental commitments are underscored by our ongoing project to implement an Environmental Management System.

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