Bigadan transforms biogas into biomethane through advanced purification, delivering it to networks, industries, or as fuel for transport fleets.

Biomethane for energy

We deliver biomethane to larger industrial players and distribute it as an energy source for the public natural gas network. Every day, our facilities receive an authoritative certificate, a testament to the amount of biomethane delivered to the Danish natural gas network. This biomethane can then be offered to businesses seeking sustainable energy for their operations and building heating needs. 

Biomethane for transportation

Harnessing the power of nature, biogas has emerged as a game-changer for the transportation sector. When processed it can be refined into compressed biomethane (CBM) or liquid biomethane (LBM), both of which are versatile fuels suitable for large vehicles or ships. As the world accelerates towards sustainable alternatives, CBM and LBM present a clean, efficient, and locally-produced option.

When used in transportation, these forms of biomethane substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fuels. With this transition, fleets are not only promoting environmental stewardship but also ensuring energy security and cost-effectiveness.

A single biogas plant has the capacity to generate biogas equivalent to 5.3 million gallons of diesel fuel annually. 

The advantages of biomethane are many

High versatility

Bigadan's refined biomethane can be used in various applications. Whether as compressed or liquid biomethane for powering large vehicles or more stationary energy sources, its potential is vast and varied

Economic viability

With the rising costs and environmental implications of fossil fuels, biomethane offers a competitively priced option that meets the stringent performance demands of modern-day applications.

Reduced emissions

As a cleaner burning fuel, biomethane significantly cuts down on harmful emissions, making it a favorite for industries and transport sectors keen on reducing their environmental impact.

By 2030 biogas will be able to reduce CO2 emissions from the Danish transportation sector by 0.9 million tonnes. This is provided that the development will continue and that 20.000 trucks will run on biogas.  

We will help you get started


Climate-friendly heavy transport

Bigadan supplies carbon-neutral compressed biogas to Arla's biogas trucks, partly produced from the manure of the approximately 500,000 cows on Arla farms throughout Denmark, contributing to a circular food sector.

truck driving on biogas

Handled by Bioman

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Bioman is a support system to our facilities. As part of Bigadan, they trade, store and transport biomasses just like they handle logistical tasks related to the production and transportation of biogas and biomethane. Moreover, Bioman markets and distributes the energy produced by Bigadans facilities in Denmark — both towards the energy and transportation sector.

“Biomethane is by far the cheapest option for a carbon dioxide neutral truck fuel. As a haulier, you can continue to provide competitive service to your customers, while meeting the ever-increasing demands for environmentally friendly transport with less noise”

Christian A. Tidmarsh
Business Developer, Bigadan

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