Solrød Bioenergy


From waste to energy in Copenhagen

Transforming food waste into renewable energy and high-quality fertilizer, Solrød Bioenergy efficiently processes Copenhagen´s organic food waste, creating sustainable natural gas and premium-grade compost for organic farming.

A circular journey to organic field fertility

Solrød Bioenergy has proudly launched a state-of-the-art biogas facility in 2023, pioneering the transformation of Copenhagen’s meticulously sorted food waste into biogas that integrates into the natural gas grid and high-quality organic fertilizer for agricultural use. This initiative closes the organic loop between the urban life of Copenhagen and the countryside, while showing Copenhagen residents that their recycling efforts are fueling sustainable energy production and supporting local farmers.

In regions where livestock is sparse and nutrient resources are limited, this innovation is especially vital, underscoring the shared benefits of urban and rural collaboration in Denmark’s stride towards sustainability.

Advanced biogasification and fertilizer production

Solrød Bioenergy´s in-house handling and pulping of food waste for biogasfication maximizes gas extraction from biomass. Additionally, plastics are removed both before and after the biomass has been degassed. The resultant degassed biomass is used as high-quality fertilizer that not only reduces odor issues but also emits fewer greenhouse gases when applied to fields.

“Together, we safeguard the nutrient cycle from cities to farms, fostering soil”

Erik Lundsgaard
Chief Manager East, Solrød Bioenergi

“By ensuring essential nutrients are continuously recycled we collectively enrich our soil, securing prosperous farming futures”

Karsten Buchhave
Founder, Bigadan

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