Climate-friendly heavy transport

Bigadan supplies carbon-neutral compressed biogas to Arla's biogas trucks, partly produced from the manure of the approximately 500,000 cows on Arla farms throughout Denmark, contributing to a circular food sector.

Making the most of our resources

Biogas in transportation isn't just a step towards a greener transport sector; it's about leveraging resources already available in agriculture. The collaboration with Arla in establishing a biogas refueling station near their distribution center exemplifies how cross-sector partnerships can jointly contribute to CO2 reduction and diminish reliance on fossil fuels.

Cutting-edge in the world of bio-fuels

When utilized for transportation, biogas presents a transformative solution. A biogas-powered truck can, on average, offset about 50-150 tons of CO2 annually. This reduction is tantamount to the emissions from 50 diesel passenger cars each year. Furthermore, by transitioning to biogas, the transport sector not only diminishes its carbon footprint but also reduces its dependence on fossil fuels. 

With cleaner emissions and reduced air pollutants, biogas for transport also contributes to better air quality. As industries and governments worldwide seek sustainable and efficient transportation alternatives, biogas is clearly emerging as a frontrunner in paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

“By tapping into readily available resources like manure from Arla's farms, we're not only driving a cleaner future but also exemplifying the essence of a circular economy. Every kilometer driven reinforces our commitment to a reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Birger Parsberg Olesen
Head of Green Gases, Bioman, Bigadan

“Arla started using biogas as a source of energy for our distribution trucks a few years ago. The technology is well-known, fits into our operations and we are reducing CO2 emissions. It’s great that we can utilize the manure from Arla farms to deliver our great products to the Danish consumers.”

Uffe Sonne Pedersen
Head of Warehouse & Distribution, Arla Foods Denmark

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