Biogas Plants

Bigadan designs, builds & operates tailored modular biogas systems with cutting-edge technology ensuring a modern, efficient & profitable facilities.

Modular, flexible and efficient

Bigadan's modular process systems have been in use for decades and our we continue to improve them based on experiences from our own facilities — and close collaboration with customers. Our systems come in fixed designs and are scaled in modules ensuring high quality and a more efficient design, procurement, and construction period.

Our designs ensure a stable and reliable operation of the entire facility, as all systems have been tested for control, durability, and service. 

Three distinct plant concepts

How we build

Our Biogas Plants are based on multiple proven components for the different plant concepts that all interact in the creation of efficient biogas production. 

“For our first anaerobic digestion facility in the UK, we chose Bigadan to manage the entire process and supply the machinery. The collaboration has been excellent throughout the construction process, from the early planning stage to when the facility was operational.”

Paul Morris
Operational Director of PDM Group, UK

We’re continuously improving

Bigadan Labs

Our proven biogas concept continually evolves thanks to close collaborations with clients and hands-on plant operations. With both mobile and onsite test laboratories, we explore new biomass potentials for biogas yield. As we discover new challenges, we merge our experience with trusted supplier expertise — all in order to achieve cost-effectiveness. 

The benefits of a modular approach


Our standardized, module-based design facilitates lower construction and installation costs.

Swift Implementation

Typically, from the initial groundbreaking to plant commissioning, the timeline is usually around 12 months, depending on the project's scale.

Future Expansion

The modular nature of our plants means they can be easily expanded or modernised to meet growing demands or new technological opportunities.

Quality Assurance

Our long-standing relationships with primary suppliers ensure timely delivery and the high-quality standards our clients expect from us.

Solrød Bioenergy

From waste to energy in Copenhagen

Transforming food waste into renewable energy and high-quality fertilizer, Solrød Bioenergy efficiently processes Copenhagen´s organic food waste, creating sustainable natural gas and premium-grade compost for organic farming.

organic waste from households

How we collaborate

01: Turnkey plants

When it comes to large-scale biogas systems, Bigadan offers comprehensive turnkey solutions. We take care of every phase — from detailed project planning to the complete delivery of your facility, from initiating operations to staff training. Our partners benefit from a streamlined construction phase, ensuring timely project completion and high operational efficiency.

02: Plant contracting

For projects where our clients handle the construction and often choose their suppliers, we step in to provide specialized expertise. We can contribute to various aspects of the project — detailed design of the entire facility, full equipment and process machinery, control systems like SCADA, construction and site management, commissioning, staff training, or even taking full responsibility for the operational process.

03: Ownership and operations

We own, co-own and operate many biogas facilities all over the globe. Few in the biogas industry boast as much operational experience as Bigadan, which gives you peace of mind — and operations. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the daily challenges in biogas aids us in both new and existing partnerships.

04: Modernisation and expansion

Our offerings for existing plants encompass renovating current process tanks and equipment, expanding biogas systems with features like gas purification systems, heat exchangers, and pasteurization units, and increasing the facility's capacity with new reactors, heat exchangers, and pasteurization units.

“We've been pivotal in numerous biogas facility modernizations and expansions, accumulating the right knowledge to pinpoint the optimal upgrading approach”

Kim Møller Jakobsen
Design Manager, Bigadan

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