Our vision


We’re making the green transition profitable

We believe that the future of circular energy is powered by biogas — because of its ability to improve business and the climate alike. We’re here to turn green commitments into profitable realities.

The future we’re creating

With biogas as the heart of our operations, we turn organic waste into clean energy and valuable nutrients – clearly demonstrating that even environmental challenges have economic potential within them.

For more than four decades, we’ve reimagined a future where profit and planet prosper side by side – and that’s what we’ll continue to do. Through an entrepreneurial approach we’re making the breakthroughs needed to pave new ways for circular energy. 

We’re employing the vision in three distinct concepts


We’re working directly with farmers and associates in the agricultural field to create circular biogas ecosystems and improved utilisation of nutrients-rich fertiliser.


Our metropolis concept is directed at large cities and helps them create, ensure and nurture efficient waste treatment for the local production of circular energy for the entire power grid.


We create local ecosystems in close partnership with leading companies on a global scale. The aim is to make use of biowaste, deliver renewable energy and lower carbon footprints – to enable everyone to take part in the green transition.

We’re driven by our values

We’re relentless problem-solvers

We don’t break for nothing. We embrace a dynamic, innovative and opportunity-driven nature and are always looking for solutions to solve new ways of circular energy.

We’re entrepreneurs by heart

We embrace opportunity. Being entrepreneurial is embedded in our DNA. Our models and ways of operating are purposely always evolving, so we can stay at the forefront of biogas.

We believe in the entire team

We support and grow each other. From truck drivers to engineers, office staff and local partners, everyone is part of a familial culture where mutual respect is paramount. 

We take ownership

We are accountable and leave things better than we found them. Responsibility and ownership resonate in everything we do, always aiming to enhance, improve and stay accountable.

“For a green future to take hold, it must make commercial sense. That's our motivation at Bigadan: Profit and planet, hand in hand.”

Henrik Laursen
CEO, Bigadan

Our commitments

01: Leading the green shift in heavy transportation

As a leader in biogas, we're committed to spearheading the transformation of the heavy transport sector into a greener, more sustainable realm.

02: Unlocking challenging biowaste streams

We believe in the potential of every biowaste stream, no matter how complex – as long as its organic. Through tailored biogas solutions, we will harness and activate the most challenging streams to create sustainable energy.

03: Supporting a greener footprint across sectors

Whether it is within agriculture, metropolises or various industries our goal is to contribute to a lower CO2 footprint by building circular systems for the common benefit of a healthier planet.

04: Creating local green transitions

We work directly with local communities to create lasting, local green transitions by recirculating nutrients from city to countryside and energy (as RNG, power or heat) from countryside to city.

We see biogas as an innovative driver of the green transition. It holds the potential to reduce carbon footprints across multiple sectors from heavy transportation or agriculture to the global food industry.

Do you want to learn more?

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