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Herning Bioenergi

Since the end of 2009 Herning Bioenergi A/S has been owned and operated by Bigadan A/S.

Herning Bioenergi A/S consists of the biogas plants in Studsgaard, built in 1996, and Sinding, built in 1988. The plants receive manure from local farmers and industrial organic waste from local food processing companies.

In 2015, an 8.000 m³ digester was constructed at Studsgård. Furthermore, both Herning plants were connected to a 20 km gas pipeline, so the plants are able to deliver gas for Arla's power plant which produces energy for Arla's nearby dairies.  

The Gazelle Award

In 2013 and 2014, Herning Bioenergi A/S received the Gazelle Award - an award given to companies with a continuous growth within the last four years and a doubling of the gross result in this period.

Of course, we are proud of this award as it proves Bigadan is able to operate biogas plants with a profitable and sustainable outcome.

Previously, Bigadan A/S was given the award in 2005 and 2011, and Fangel Bioenergi in 2008.



Plant facts

  • Location Herning area, Denmark
  • Client Herning Bioenergi A/S
  • Year of acquisition 2009
Studsgård biogas plant:
  • Capacity 230.000 t/a
  • Biomass Manure and industrial food waste
  • Biogas capacity 9 million m³/a
  • Biogas utilization Electricity and heating for the public grid

Sinding biogas plant:

  • Capacity 50.000 t/a
  • Biomass Manure and organic industrial waste
  • Biogas capacity 2,75 million m³/a
  • Biogas utilization Electricity and heating for the public grid