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Limfjordens Bioenergi

The construction of Limfjordens Bioenergi started in August 2008 and by April 2009 the plant received the first load of slurry.

It is the first farmer owned centralized biogas plant in Denmark where the production of biogas is based solely on livestock manure. Annually, the biogas plant treats 390.000 tons of slurry.

The annual production of biogas is 4,3 million m³, corresponding to 3 million m³ natural gas. During winter, heat from the gas engine is sold to the local heat and power plant.

In 2013 Bigadan became a partial owner of the plant and the name changed from Morsø Bioenergi to Limfjordens Bioenergi.

Plant facts

  • Location Mors, Denmark
  • ClientLimfjordens Bioenergi ApS
  • Scope of delivery Turnkey
  • Year of delivery 2009
  • Capacity 130.000 t/a
  • Biomass Manure
  • Biogas capacity 4,3 million m³/a
  • Biogas utilization Gas engine producing electricity for public grid and district heating for local grid