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Maabjerg Bioenergy

Maabjerg Bioenergy is the result of a cooperation between agriculture, municipalities and the district heat stations. This big plant is working as a purifying plant for the agriculture's manure and at the same time produce heat and energy to the cities of Holstebro and Struer.

Bigadan delivered the six large process tanks (digesters), each with a volume of 7.800 m³. Additionally, Bigadan delivered the smaller pasteurization tanks. All tanks were delivered complete with agitators and other process equipment.

The process tanks are bolted steel tanks which are built on site, on ground level, beginning with the roof construction. The tanks are lifted with jackups from the bottom and each ring is mounted subsequently, ending up with 16 rings and a total height of approx. 28 meters.

The building of the process tanks started on 1 January 2010 and ended in spring 2011.

The large biogas plant was finished in 2012.

Plant facts

  • Location Holstebro, Denmark
  • Client Maabjerg Bioenergi
  • Scope of delivery Process tanks (digesters and pasteurization tanks)
  • Year of delivery 2011
  • Capacity 650.000 tons t/a
  • Biomass Manure, industrial food waste and municipal sludge
  • Biogas capacity 17,8 million m³/a
  • Biogas utilization Electricity and heat the for local community