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Söderåsens Bioenergi

Söderåsens Bioenergi was built by Bigadan as a turnkey project. The plant is situated near Wrams Gunnarstorp Estate in Skåne, Sweden.

The plant is owned by E.ON Gas AB and Wrams Gunnarstorp Estate.

The biogas plant primarily treats waste and bi-products from local food processing industries, including pig manure from the estate's own large production of pigs.

The biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and via the natural gas network and gas stations owned by E.ON Gas sold to biogas powered busses and cars.

Plant facts

  • Location Skåne, Sweden
  • Client Söderåsens Bioenergi AB
  • Scope of delivery Turnkey
  • Year of delivery 2006
  • Capacity 65.000 t/a
  • Biomass Pig manure and waste and bi-products from local food industry
  • Biogas capacity 4,0 million m³/a
  • Biogas utilization Gas upgrading and injection into the natural gas grid