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October 4 - Production at Solrød has commenced


In the beginning of August the plant was ready to receive biomass which initially consisted of eluate and cattle manure. Subsequently, inoculum material from other biogas plants was added, which had an active bacterial flora jump starting the bacteriological process. Finally, pectin and pig manure was added and now only the last biomass type, seaweed, is missing. It is expected to be added during 2016.

As the photos show, Solrød Biogas is not completely done but in the beginning of October the biogas production was up and running and at the present moment approx. 300 m³ of biogas is produced per hour. This means the plant is self-sufficient with regards to process heat but it is also delivering heat to the citizens of Solrød. During November a gas engine is expected to be ready to take over producing heat as well as electricity to the local citizens.

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