Our core values

Code of conduct

Our core values


Bigadan develop, construct, operate and own end-to-end biogas systems. We work across every step – from biomass sourcing and waste management to the delivery of biogas, biogenic CO2 and nutrient-rich biofertilizer. 

We see ourselves as a significant player in the green transition of the food sector, industry and agriculture, as well as the transport sector. Our core business is to create and develop circular systems around waste streams and ensure the best possible sustainable solution in the most profitable way, locally, nationally and internationally.

Bigadan's position has been achieved through a focus on sound business principles, trust and accountability in mutual long-term collaborations with business partners, employees and other stakeholders.

At Bigadan, everyone in the management team and the staff must demonstrate transparency and credibility that is reflected for customers, colleagues, business partners, banks, authorities and the rest of society. If we act illegally, unethically, or immorally, we lose credibility in our relationships. We must therefore, every day, make an effort to carry out our tasks in an economically, socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. 

Bigadan's most important assets are our reputation and our employees. It is our responsibility to comply with applicable laws in the areas we operate and Bigadan's ambition is to show best practice in relation to applicable regulation. All employees, managers, board members and associated consultants must therefore adhere to this Code and Conduct. 

Bigadan's Code of Conduct is an appendix to Bigadan's employee handbook and in some cases the company's general policies to support the implementation of this Code of Conduct are described separately. This Code of Conduct applies to Bigadan's employees, management, board of directors and other associates of the company. We assume the same high standard of our customers, suppliers and other business partners as described in this Code of Conduct. Bigadan has therefore implemented a Code of Conduct for business partners, which is implemented as a mandatory annex to Bigadan's contracts.

Environment, sustainability and climate

In Bigadan's activities, we continuously strive to reduce the environmental and climate impact. In our production, we comply with applicable environmental legislation, which is the cornerstone in relation to securing a "license to operate" towards authorities and the surrounding community. 

We ensure compliance with environmental legislation, e.g. via environmental approvals for our biogas plants as well as the company's environmental management system, where there is ongoing focus on maintaining safe operation and reducing energy consumption as well as the impact on the surrounding environment. It sets ongoing targets for reducing environmental impact, e.g. water consumption, climate impact and waste management. In addition, requirements have been laid down for registration of the environmental performance of biogas plants. We continuously work to be in compliance with relevant legislation. 

Every employee of Bigadan is obliged to stay informed and comply with applicable rules, requirements and objectives

Sustainable sourcing and consumption

Bigadan rests on a business principle of production of fossil-free energy, biogas. Despite this fundamental DNA, we as a business must still strive to improve. One of the basic principles is that Bigadan uses waste resources such as biomass for the production of biogas. We thereby distance ourselves from using raw materials in biogas plants that could have been used as feed or food. The biomass therefore consists primarily of animal manure and organic waste from feed and food processing. The biomass is purchased/obtained from farms and industry located locally and with the shortest possible distance to the biogas plant. When purchasing biomass over longer distances, we strive to optimize logistics and in order to minimize the climate footprint from transportation as much as possible. 


Bigadan supports an open and competitive market, and Bigadan therefore distance ourselves from reducing healthy competition by, for example, entering into price fixing, trade rules, group boycotts and exclusionary trade contracts. Bigadan complies with applicable competition law. 

Money laundering and tax

Bigadan's ambition is to practice best practice and act in relation to applicable regulation in relation to tax payments and reporting in the countries we trade. 

Money laundering means that illegally generated money or illegally acquired assets are brought into lawful financial and economic circulation. We combat all forms of money laundering, take precautions to avoid getting involved in money laundering issues and comply with applicable national and international sanctions. 

Anti-corruption, anti-bribery and lobbying

At Bigadan, we refrain from all forms of corruption and bribery made in order to exert undue influence on public officials, judges or business associates. 

We also refrain from accepting or accepting any form of corruption and bribery ourselves. At Bigadan, we recognise that lobbying plays an important role in promoting interests and views in the political process. Bigadan therefore contributes either alone, in interaction with others, or via industry associations and professional lobbyists to the political agenda. we support the principles lobbyism laid down by the Danish Industry association – read more.

Bigadan is committed to fight all forms of corruption, and we therefore support all national and international efforts to combat corruption. This means that everyone in the management and staff must not violate or be in conflict with anti-corruption laws and regulations. In addition, everyone in management and staff should not, directly or indirectly, offer, promise, approve, solicit or pay to influence public officials to obtain improper advantages or influence individuals to violate his or her duty. 

Bigadan's employees may not give or accept gifts, hospitality or entertainment that may raise concerns for our integrity. We also reject all forms of bribery, blackmail and fraud. 

Conflicts of interest

We assume that all employees of Bigadan perform their work in accordance with Bigadan's best interest. Employees must always act correctly in accordance with our values and their private interests must not influence or appear to affect their judgment or actions in the performance of their work. 

Human rights

Bigadan supports and respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We do not accept any form of child labour and must always follow applicable laws and international standards on minimum working age. We strongly reject all forms of forced labour. We do not accept any form of slavery, including human trafficking or forced labour. We also do not accept the use of forced or illegal labour in the production of goods or services for us, or in the operation of our suppliers or other parties with whom we cooperate. 

We assume that all our employees respect human rights. We provide a safe and healthy physical and mental working environment for all employees. We also work for well-being and a good social environment. These conditions are also regulated and controlled by occupational health and safety legislation in Denmark and other countries in which we operate. 

We ensure good working conditions, including that employees are not subjected to physical punishment, threats of violence or other forms of physical or psychological coercion or harassment. Disciplinary sanctions, in the form of fines or deductions from wages, are not allowed. We seek to provide our employees with personal and professional development opportunities at work. 

Bigadan ensures that the recording, archiving and use of Employee Data is treated with strict confidentiality and in accordance with applicable law. 

Discrimination, diversity and freedom of association

At Bigadan, we advocate fair employment terms and opportunities for all our employees, without distinction on grounds of gender, identity, age, national or ethnic origin, illness, disability, religion and sexual orientation. We also comply with the legislation on discrimination in Denmark and the other countries in which we are represented. 

We continuously review the need for the right knowledge, skills and resources at all levels. Bigadan strives to provide employees with good opportunities to train for job enrichment and broader responsibilities. Bigadan ensures that wages and other work-related benefits at least meet applicable industry standards in the countries we represent. 

We also comply with applicable laws and industry standards for working hours and other employee matters. In Denmark, every worker has freedom of association and the right to organise. Bigadan supports this right in the countries where we operate. 

Health and safety

At Bigadan, we strive for a healthy and safe working environment so that the risk of accidents and occupational injuries for employees is minimized. To ensure this, we comply with applicable health and safety legislation. In addition, we continuously identify the riskiest work situations and establish joint Bigadan procedures to avoid accidents in these situations. In addition, we create the framework for promoting sensible behavior in the workplace through dialogue and ongoing follow-up with a focus on preventing accidents in dangerous work situations. A separate health and safety policy has been developed and implemented, which employees are obliged to comply with. 

Whistleblower channel

Employees are obliged to communicate significant incidents to the immediate manager immediately. Any employee or associate of the company who experiences a breach of this Code of Conduct has the right and opportunity to report this. If in doubt, you communicate to your immediate manager. For this purpose, a separate whistleblower policy has been prepared, in which the framework and contact information of the scheme are set out.