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About Bigadan

The biogas industry has existed for many years and many companies have tried to succeed and realised the hard way that it takes knowledge and experience to make a living of biogas production.

Bigadan has done it like no one else measured by the number of large plants constructed, the accumulated know-how, the proven technology and the ability to actually make the biogas plants yield a profit.

Today, we have more than 30 years of international experience in practical use of biogas technology, including renewable energy production, manure and organic waste treatment as well as nutrient recycling.

Main businesses and clients

Bigadan's main business activity is to provide engineering and construction services to large-scale co-digestion biogas plants with a capacity larger than 100 t/d.

Since 2001, ownership and operation of large scale biogas facilities are two other of our main business fields. Today Bigadan owns and operates several commercial AD plants which also serve as test and development sites. 

Our employees possess a pool of know-how and experience that is not superseded by any other company. Over the years, we have managed to retain international experts to supplement our own unique know-how. Today we also have subsidiaries and affiliates in other countries so we can keep close contact with clients and suppliers as locally as possible. 

Clients and collaborators

We have cooperated with many different clients throughout our history and today we service and cooperate with companies such as:

  • E.ON - one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies.
  • ReFood-Saria - one of the leading companies worldwide in terms of food waste processing.
  • Campbell Soup - American soup company with 18,400 employees worldwide and an award-winning CSR profile.

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