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Karsten Buchhave
CEO, Bigadan A/S - M.Sc. in Agriculture, BCom

30 years of practical experience within the biogas industry. Responsible for management and marketing.

Henrik V. Laursen
COO, M.Sc. in Energy

More than 10 years of experience within the biogas industry in managing positions.

Edvin Andersen
CTO, B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Odense Engineering College

25 years of practical experience as Technical Manager and Project Manager.


One of the reasons why Bigadan has such a strong profile within the biogas industry is the management and team behind it. A combination of experienced, highly skilled and at the same time practical personalities work at the offices, on the construction sites and on the biogas plants.

In general, we distinguish between the following departments of Bigadan’s organisation:

: Finances, HR, IT, Communications and Marketing.
Projects: Development, design and project management.
Operation: The daily management and maintenance of our biogas plants. Find contact info for the different plants that Bigadan operates under Contact.
You can find the structure of the entire company here.