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Our philosophy and The Bigadan Way

Through our many years in the biogas business we have developed a certain philosophy:

  • We stick to our product strategy - it has worked for 30 years.
  • We contribute with outstanding knowledge to the project.
  • We believe in strong, long-lasting relations with our clients and adapt to their needs and wishes.
  • We work with reliable, well-known suppliers.
  • We pursue an organic growth for Bigadan so that our own financial contribution and internal resources keep up, and we do not have to compromise the financial stability or the quality of our work. 

The Bigadan Way

Since the involvement in test plants in the early 1980s, Bigadan has improved the concept that has kept even some of the oldest biogas plants operational to this day, where expansion and renovation keep ensuring the high biogas yield.

The Bigadan concept is module based giving the advantages of a shorter construction period (depending on the size, typically 12 months from breaking ground to operation) and the opportunity to easily expand the biogas plant's capacity. 

Bigadan has developed a standardized design for plants sized 100 - 750 t/d, including the following process steps:

  • Reception with equipment for cutting and pre-sorting 
  • Pasteurization steps which observe EUs bi-product directive concerning treatment of category 3 waste
  • Heat exchange system for effective and reliable process heating and heat regain
  • Corrosion free tank construction up to 8,000 m³
  • Module constructed technique units
  • Biological gas cleaning
  • Biological odour cleaning
  • Separation technique
  • Energy efficient and economic drying technique

Ongoing development

Even though our concept is working well, the close collaboration with our clients and the operation of several biogas plants fortunately force us to keep finding new ways towards even better biogas production. 

Test laboratories, both mobile and located in one of our own plants, allow us to research the potential of new biomasses and the resulting biogas production. When we hear about challenges from our clients or from our own biogas plants, we use our experience combined with the expertise of our reliable suppliers to find a solution of appropriate quality and cost. 

This brings us a step ahead when designing a new plant, because we apply not only our existing concept, but also make sure to put the new knowledge into use.