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Digester tanks

Bigadan is an experienced provider of customized digester tanks for biogas plants under construction or expansion. Over the years, we have constructed more than 100 tanks with special focus on digesters and pasteurization tanks

Bigadan's tank solutions are characterized by the use of the best building materials to ensure longevity and low operation and maintenance costs. Additionally, the digester tanks has the following features:

  • A construction time of 8-10 weeks, when conditions are at their optimum.
  • Roof and topmost part of the tank is made of stainless steel preventing corrosion.
  • Includes a small surveillance "house" making it possible to inspect the surface of the biomass.
  • Equipped with a top-hung agitator enabling more effective and energy-efficient mixing of the biomass.

We handle all aspects of the digester tank construction, including design, erection and commissioning. The tanks are assembled on site and the installation includes mixers, measuring tools and safety equipment.